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Chris Porter
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Chris Porter if anyone slept on this album...YOU. ARE. FUCKED.
it's fucking sick Favorite track: Bone Debt.
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What the fuck are we doing with our lives?


released January 25, 2017

Shane - Yodels
Sam - Geetar
Nick - Bass, Drums, you know all the useless stuff no one cares about



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SHITPERSON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4 Bodies,
One really shitty person

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Track Name: Road Head Control Program (RHCP)
One day you're militia men
the next you're drinking piss for ten bucks and a pack of smokes
Start a war and you only start a joke
swallow any and you're just gonna choke
Ingest penny scraps like the crack smoke
carry no weight end up with back broke
Nothing wrong if you want to die broke
Never lived if you want to die broke

I'm never gonna look a motherfucker in the eye
when they come and try to tell me hundred dollars save my life
Slave to a symbol live or die by a knife
If they told you its wrong its probably right
Hanging loose then they will hang you high
only way to win is to throw up your mind
Looking for the noose stay another night
sizing you up but not looking at your height

Track Name: Bone Debt
Scrape the bottom of the barrel
Only to find a mirror
Dirty and tired cycle of self medication
and propulsion
spells out simply

Skeleton fed rocks by its parents
born to walk thats all thats apparent
Vast pit siren he stares in
last wish dry rot she is barren

No brain
No shame
Broke chain
New face no change
My eye
Stole life
Paid none
Want to die

One day I'm gonna have to pay my bone debt
Led around by a needle filled with hope sex
If I die it was all a fucking object
can't escape from my oil drum head

Not right
All right